Clay Guida's MMASTOP Fitness brings mixed martial arts instruction and fitness to the masses. We aggressively focus on providing the highest level of instruction, in a safe, comfortable & clean atmosphere. We offer cutting edge instruction in Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Grappling, and Kids MMA. We have a large variety of instruction level, so whether you are a beginner or a professional, MMASTOP Fitness has got you covered. MMASTOP Fitness takes pride in providing a comfortable atmosphere where families can get fit while learning MMA in a controlled environment. We have an extensive childrens program, a womens striking program and our signature "MMA Family Fitness" program. Our 6500 sq. foot facility includes a large strength and conditioning area that features; treadmills, elipticals, kettle bells, dumbbells, resistance bands & other functional training equipment. We also have a signature MMASTOP retail facility where fans and practicioners alike can purchase apparel, equipment and training gear. Here at Clay Guida's Mmastop Fitness we also bring in some of the greatest fighters and trainers on the planet to hold seminars for our members and customers. We will always post dates, times and registration info for all of you to register ahead of time.




You will not find a nicer facility in the area. Full octagon,

full boxing ring, numerous types of striking bags, striking pads,

Zebra mats, full wall mats. Numerous televisions.


Great workout area with a ton of kettle bells, weights, kegs,

ropes, rings, treadmills, elipitcals, sandbags, tires.

Everything you could need for a great workout.